Virtual tours are designed to engage office employees and guests to know more about the company's projects, processes and culture. To create futuristic and almost magical vision of your office environment.
For those who come to your office as a new guest or visiting it on a regular basis, this tour will provide additional information to every aspect of your office life. It will contain various interaction scenarios, through which people can receive more information in the most engaging and original way.
AR portals into Runescapes world, animated banners on the walls, live characters from your products introducing important information about your company - all these and even more can be created in short time and finest quality.
If you want to share your office atmosphere with someone who can't personally visit it, VR tour is the best possible option to do this. You can easily set it up at any event you participate in.
Navigation design is based on interactable icons near the objects of interest, providing intuitive user experience. The positioning of these icons is designed to focus user attention on key objects in the environment.


Icons types: directions, video content, audio content, interactive content.
Information cards is a very convenient mechanics to manage the content. You can create it separately from particular anchors and put anything on them: text, pictures, audio, video, 3D characters, etc.

Clickable cursors are used to travel through the VR tour. This provides almost seamless and well-guided transfer experience.

Any of your game characters can try the role of guides, helping the user in navigation. They will speak to the user with words of advice and guidance on how to receive the best experience from this VR tour. If the user wants them to be silent and read the subtitles instead, he can make it happen with just one click.